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Do you need a Safety Inspection or Roadworthy Certificate for your vehicle? We can help and we will even come to you at home or at work! No need to find the time to get to a workshop – we conveniently come to you with our equipped van and certified technicians. Our fast and friendly service will complete the report on the spot and advise if anything is required to get your vehicle up to Queensland Transport Authority standards. Need repairs??  No problem! We can arrange that for you too by one of our experienced qualified technicians to get you on the road as quickly as possible. Call us now to book at time that suits you  0438 179 775

Ute Hoist

Need a Safety Certificate or Roadworthy Certificate?

We are a fast and efficient mobile safety certificate service, that comes to you whether you are at work or at home. A convenient service that takes all the hassles out of getting your vehicle certified for sale. What are the three reasons for needing a Safety Certificate?

  • Selling your vehicle
  • Transferring your vehicle
  • Registration.

All our technicians are highly professional, Queensland Transport compliant mobile vehicle inspectors able to service a wide range of suburbs on the Gold Coast. Our mechanics are fully qualified, licensed, Queensland Transport approved, and bound by a strict Code of Ethics! Our inspectors offer an unbeatable standard service, providing certifications for:

  • Cars
  • 4WD’s
  • Utes

Because your time is important to us, a safety certificate inspection takes approximately 40-45 minutes and upon completion we will provide you a detailed report if the vehicle has passed, and otherwise a report highlighting any necessary repairs. Vehicles sometimes fail. If your vehicle does need further repairs to pass – Don’t worry! We can provide you with a quote and even complete the work for you saving you valuable time and effort. The convenience of a one-stop service!

Customers have fourteen days to rectify risk areas and issues.

Just Remember…

  • All registered vehicles in Queensland must have a current Safety Certificate/Roadworthy Certificate before they can be offered for sale. Significant fines apply for failing to display a current Safety Certificate/Roadworthy Certificate.

For a more detailed outline of what is required for a Roadworthy Certificate/Safety Certificate, please follow the link below to the Queensland Transport website.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Our detailed comprehensive vehicle Inspection Report will reveal any potential safety or costly faults.

These are things that a Safety Certificate Inspection won’t identify. Safety Certificates on the Move can carry out a range of vehicle inspections from our Pre-Purchase Inspection through to our Spot Checks. We will even take photos through the inspection process. Before you purchase your next car, you could save hundreds of dollars and headaches, by getting a Pre-Purchase Inspection. Check includes: Body – General condition Interior – Interior trims, seats, restraints, windows Glass – Condition of windscreen and operation of windows Door locks – Including central locking system Brakes – Inspected and tested Road Wheels – Tyre tread depth and condition Engines – Cooling system pressure tested, Drive Belts, Engine Oil level Oil Leaks – Report on visible engine, drive line and brake lines Electrical – Includes battery, alternator and charging system. All lighting operation and condition, horn, air conditioning function. Road Test – A Road Test to test steering suspension, brake operation, drive line and engine perfrmance.

Spot Check

Check a particular problem, issue or area of concern with the vehicle e.g. steering, performance of brakes etc.


Need a new battery?  No problems.  We can supply and fit a new battery for your vehicle quickly. Have a look at our great range on our Batteries page. 

Top ten tips for helping you buy the right vehicle

  1. Choosing the vehicle
  2. Get the right finance
  3. Protect yourself
  4. Make safety a priority
  5. Get an independent inspection
  6. Put things in writing
  7. Conduct background checks
  8. Check your contract
  9. Important documents
  10. Insure your car before you drive away

Here are our top ten tips for helping you buy the right vehicle:

  1. Choosing the vehicle

Buy the car that best suits your needs and your budget. Always research the market first so that you know what to expect in terms of value for money. Visit an online car selector to help narrow down what you’re looking for.

  1. Get the right finance

Shop around for competitive finance before going car shopping. Never accept a loan or finance agreement just because it’s quick, easy or convenient. The interest rate may be much higher than what you could get from other providers. Where possible you should consider obtaining finance before hand or be aware of rates of finance available before you visit a dealership or commit to anything.

  1. Protect yourself

It is risky to buy from an unlicensed dealer or a private seller. They are unregulated and there is little legal protection in the event of a problem. Licensed dealers must offer a cooling-off period and Statutory Warranty on most used vehicles they sell. Always make sure the vehicle actually exists, is available and meets your expectations. It is ‘buyer beware’ when buying a car.

  1. Make safety a priority

Choose a car with a high ANCAP or Used Car Safety Rating and comprehensive safety features.

  1. Get an independent inspection

Always have a used car inspected by a qualified mechanic before you buy it. A safety certificate or Statutory Warranty isn’t a substitute for a vehicle inspection. Make an independent inspection part of the contract and make sure the wording allows you the right not to purchase if the inspection is unsatisfactory. Most importantly don’t accept the car unless you are satisfied with its condition.

  1. Put things in writing

Ignore any promise, warranty or guarantee that isn’t in writing as it is difficult to enforce.

  1. Conduct background checks

If buying privately, check the Personal Property Security Register online or by phoning 1300 007 777 to determine if there is any money owing on the vehicle or if it is listed as stolen or written off. The search certificate will also provide information about the vehicle’s features that should be confirmed to ensure it’s the correct vehicle. If there is money owing on the vehicle, don’t buy it if there is any doubt it won’t be paid as you will not get clear title to the vehicle and it could be repossessed.

  1. Check your contract

Never sign an incomplete contract. Always read and be sure you understand it before signing. Also be sure it is the car you want, can afford and that it is in a condition you will accept. With new vehicles, specify the car’s colour and delivery date on the contract. If a dealer does not deliver as agreed, depending on the terms of sale the contract may be terminated and deposit money refunded, particularly if the deficiency cannot be appropriately remedied by the dealer. If the dealer’s standard contract does not make provision for your specific requirements then you may need to insist on certain wording being inserted into the contract to protect your interests.

  1. Important documents

Always get a copy of any contract, warranty documents and for used vehicles, the safety certificate. Remember to check the safety certificate is current, has sufficient remaining life to complete the registration transfer and all vehicle details are correct

  1. Insure your car before you drive away

Compulsory Third Party insurance (CTP) is part of your car’s registration in Queensland, but you’ll need more protection. CTP insurance only covers personal injuries sustained by passengers in your vehicle, not at fault drivers and other users. CTP Insurance does not cover damage caused to or by your vehicle. You should have Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance or Third Party Property insurance as well.

Courtesy of RACQ

Mobile Safety Certificates

Latest Tip for Safer Driving It’s time to break the deadly habit From 1 September, Queensland motorists will be hit with double demerit points if caught using their mobile phones while driving within 1 year of an earlier offense. Driving is a complex task and motorists’ eyes need to be on the road ahead, not on their phone.

Those who continue to ignore this are not only risking their licence and their life, but the lives of others on the road too. If you’re one of the 70% of Queensland drivers who admit to using their mobile phones illegally while driving, your risk of crashing is 4 times greater. Using your phone when driving is similar to driving with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 or above. You’re as dangerous as a drunk driver.

Texting is especially dangerous. If you take your eyes off the road for just 2 seconds when driving at 60km/h, it means that you travel blind for up to 33m.

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We provide Mobile Safety Certificates for anyone wishing to sell a used vehicle on the Gold Coast. We are completely independent & work for you. Our aim is to make sure the car you buy lives up to your expectations and the claims the seller is making about it. The last thing you want to buy is someone else’s ‘Lemon.’

Avoid re-inspections and cancelled vehicle sales

Our collection of tips and cheat-sheets will save money and get the best out of your car.


We provide Safety Inspections for the Gold Coast and surrounding suburbs. We are happy to arrange a time and location that suits you.

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